ADATA Ultimate SU650 3D NAND 240 GB SSD

ADATA Ultimate SU650 3D NAND 240 GB SSD


  • 3D NAND Flash for higher durability and capacity
  • SLC caching: enhances transmission speed
  • Wide capacity range: 60GB to 960GB
  • Advanced error correction
  • Tougher, quieter, and more reliable than HDDs
  • Supports ADATA proprietary software –“SSD Toolbox” and “Migration Utility”
  • Interface: SATA 6Gb/s (SATA III)
ADATA Ultimate SU650 3D NAND 240 GB SSD
ADATA Ultimate SU650 3D NAND 240 GB SSD
ADATA Ultimate SU650 3D NAND 240 GB SSDclick here to check price on amazon


The Ultimate SU650 Solid State Drive implements 3D NAND flash and a high-speed controller, offering capacities up to 480GB. It provides read / write performance up to 520 / 450MB / s and greater reliability than 2D NAND SSDs. The SU650 features SLC caching and advanced error correction technologies to make sure optimized data performance and integrity. For people who want to experience a transparent PC upgrade, the SU650 is a superb option with an excellent cost-performance ratio.

3D NAND in a simple PC upgrade

With 3D NAND flash, the SU650 has higher efficiency and increased reliability compared to 2D NAND SSDs with better cost-performance ratios.

Fast performance

The intelligent SLC caching algorithm allows NAND non-volatile storage to control in single-level cell mode and increases performance, maintaining peak SU650 up to 520 / 450MB per second for smooth and fast booting, file transfers and downloads / Helps to keep up writing speed.

Advanced Error Correction Code

With support for ECC (error correction code) technology, the SU650 can detect and fix errors to confirm data integrity and helps extend SSD lifespan to its MTBF (mean time between failures) 2 million. Hourly, or 25% over 2D NAND SSD

Harder, quieter, more reliable

There are not any mechanical components inside SSDs, in order that they outperform traditional HDDs with high resistance to shock, vibration (1500G / 0.5ms) and extreme temperatures (0 ° C – 70 ° C). they’re also completely silent and consume little or no power, while better protecting your data.

Proprietary software – SSD toolbox and migration utility

Every SU650 purchase qualifies free download of the ADATA SSD Toolbox and Migration Utility. The SSD toolbox allows users to observe and manage the SU650 with information on drive status, wear levels, and age. The migration utility is especially useful for users moving from HDD to SSD, because it is meant for easy and quick backup and migration of the contents of the whole drive, including the OS.

For notebook and desktop

Just 7mm thick, the SU650 Ultrabooks have a straightforward fit. A 2.5 mm spacer is bundled to be used in a very 9.5 mm drive bay, allowing compatibility with almost every notebook, desktop, and console.

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